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OpenMV for all
September 29, 2010
Sherbrooke, CA- Goldeneye Solutions reveals an open-source PHP project called OpenMV.

As part of our commitment to bring high quality custom software to every organisation, we've released PHP components under a liberal BSD license (free). These components can help build secure applications that will work on a varierty of database systems (MS SQL, ...

July 1, 2009
Sherbrooke, CA- Goldeneye Solutions is now operating in Sherbrooke but our Montreal phone number will remain operational. We will continue to offer excellent support to all our valuable customers.     
The OpenAjax mission
October 17, 2007
Montreal, CA- Goldeneye Solutions is proud to join the OpenAjax Alliance™ which aims to standardize the emerging AJAX technology on the web. We will be working with members of the alliance to solve interoperability issues between web applications. The objective is to publish a technical standard and requirements for the use of AJAX technology. ...